Monday, June 1, 2015

We closed but major whoas!

I have been severely slacking on this blog. We closed Friday on our beautiful new home. We had some last minute issues with our mortgage company but everything went smoothly. We signed a bunch of papers and were officially homeowners in 45 minutes. Brad has been clearing out our storage unit and I have been busy buying everything you could think of. There are some last minute touch-up issues but everything should be fixed within a week.

We have had some issues with Lowes delivering our appliances and Comcast. Lowes was supposed to deliver our appliances Saturday morning. On Friday night, Brad received a call that they would be delayed a week. I made him call back and complain... We can live without clean clothes but not without a refrigerator ! (First world problems). When we purchased our appliances, we were told they had one model left of our refrigerator and it was ours, so why would there be a delay? Brad called back and they said they would deliver the refrigerator as promised on Saturday with the washer and dryer coming Friday or Saturday. Sweet! So we are at the house Saturday, all day, and no refrigerator. Thirty minutes after the time window had elapsed, we called the delivery company and they said they had recovered a fax from Lowes canceling the order for Saturday. 😡😡😡 Brad called Lowes and they said it would be there Sunday. It arrived within 30 minutes of the first time quoted and the guys set it up on about 10 minutes. We noticed yesterday that it wasn't really cold when we left to go back to my parents' house (no furniture and no bed yet) but hopefully it will be by today!

Now, Comcast. I HATE COMCAST. I had set up our cable and Internet installation about 3-4 weeks ago. I had called last week to confirm the appointment for Saturday and they had no appointment for us. I had screenshotted the entire conversation so I do have that. So anyway, I talk to this guy who sets me up for the same installation package (or so I thought) and says he will call me back that night after he talks to his supervisor. No call. I call the next day and the automated system immediately tells me I have an appointment scheduled for June 2nd from 4:30-6:30 Excuse me? I never agreed to this! Brad's friends are coming down to move the big furniture and I have my school's graduation that night.  I call back and am put on the phone with a "senior rep" who can go one step further than the  regular rep and set up installation. We end the conversation with a June 3rd appointment from 1-5. She then transfers me to another rep I have to talk to to confirm my package. It's not what I originally signed up for. He changes the package to close to what I did sign up for, for $10 more a month... Whatever, at this point, I'm done! And then confirms the June 2nd appointment for 4:30-6:30. At this point I'm beyond frustrated. I say that is not what I just confirmed with the "senior rep." He says that is the only appointment available. FINE! We will make it work. Brad tells his friends to come down at 6:30 ( they live in Maryland) and all good! Until Comcast emails me with June 3rd appointment from 1-5. I'll call again today but I doubt they will change it again. I know this is again a first world problem and there are people starving and dieing, but is is beyond frustrating that Comcast has such a monopoly on cable and Internet services in our area! End rant.

I will update soon with pictures. In other news, the couch I ordered on 4/19 will not be here until 6/16... 58 days... Over the 6-8 week time frame they gave me. So I will be calling them to! We are just so let down with everyone in then service industry! What happened to making an appointment and keeping it?


  1. Congrats on closing! Sorry you're dealing with so many issues!