Monday, June 1, 2015

We closed but major whoas!

I have been severely slacking on this blog. We closed Friday on our beautiful new home. We had some last minute issues with our mortgage company but everything went smoothly. We signed a bunch of papers and were officially homeowners in 45 minutes. Brad has been clearing out our storage unit and I have been busy buying everything you could think of. There are some last minute touch-up issues but everything should be fixed within a week.

We have had some issues with Lowes delivering our appliances and Comcast. Lowes was supposed to deliver our appliances Saturday morning. On Friday night, Brad received a call that they would be delayed a week. I made him call back and complain... We can live without clean clothes but not without a refrigerator ! (First world problems). When we purchased our appliances, we were told they had one model left of our refrigerator and it was ours, so why would there be a delay? Brad called back and they said they would deliver the refrigerator as promised on Saturday with the washer and dryer coming Friday or Saturday. Sweet! So we are at the house Saturday, all day, and no refrigerator. Thirty minutes after the time window had elapsed, we called the delivery company and they said they had recovered a fax from Lowes canceling the order for Saturday. 😑😑😑 Brad called Lowes and they said it would be there Sunday. It arrived within 30 minutes of the first time quoted and the guys set it up on about 10 minutes. We noticed yesterday that it wasn't really cold when we left to go back to my parents' house (no furniture and no bed yet) but hopefully it will be by today!

Now, Comcast. I HATE COMCAST. I had set up our cable and Internet installation about 3-4 weeks ago. I had called last week to confirm the appointment for Saturday and they had no appointment for us. I had screenshotted the entire conversation so I do have that. So anyway, I talk to this guy who sets me up for the same installation package (or so I thought) and says he will call me back that night after he talks to his supervisor. No call. I call the next day and the automated system immediately tells me I have an appointment scheduled for June 2nd from 4:30-6:30 Excuse me? I never agreed to this! Brad's friends are coming down to move the big furniture and I have my school's graduation that night.  I call back and am put on the phone with a "senior rep" who can go one step further than the  regular rep and set up installation. We end the conversation with a June 3rd appointment from 1-5. She then transfers me to another rep I have to talk to to confirm my package. It's not what I originally signed up for. He changes the package to close to what I did sign up for, for $10 more a month... Whatever, at this point, I'm done! And then confirms the June 2nd appointment for 4:30-6:30. At this point I'm beyond frustrated. I say that is not what I just confirmed with the "senior rep." He says that is the only appointment available. FINE! We will make it work. Brad tells his friends to come down at 6:30 ( they live in Maryland) and all good! Until Comcast emails me with June 3rd appointment from 1-5. I'll call again today but I doubt they will change it again. I know this is again a first world problem and there are people starving and dieing, but is is beyond frustrating that Comcast has such a monopoly on cable and Internet services in our area! End rant.

I will update soon with pictures. In other news, the couch I ordered on 4/19 will not be here until 6/16... 58 days... Over the 6-8 week time frame they gave me. So I will be calling them to! We are just so let down with everyone in then service industry! What happened to making an appointment and keeping it?

Sunday, May 17, 2015

5/17- We have light!

We stopped by, as per our usual Sunday routine, and we're very happy to have electricity and counters. Hopefully everything will be done by next Friday. Our final walk through and settlement are now the same day due to the electric company's delay. 12 days until settlement! 

We celebrated today with buying a washer/dryer and refrigerator. We bought Samsung front-loaders and a Whirpool French door refrigerator. We also got 3 year protection plans on all of the appliances. I think we got pretty good deals and used a mover's coupon I bought on eBay for $4 to save over $280.

My parents surprised us last week with a garage door opener and the installation. I'm so lucky to have them! We really couldn't have bought our house without their help.

Here are the pictures from today. The laminate doesn't look bad so we may delay replacing for a while. 


It's plenty of room for me (and possibly Brad) to take a bath:)
He loves to test out the toilets. 

And the shower.

Powder room still is not installed.

Love this. The outlet is installed so now we have to buy the rope lights. 

Sold sign is finally up!

Let the 12 day count begin!

Monday, May 11, 2015

5/11 Update- Delayed Settlement 😩😩😩😩

We stopped by the house yesterday and we're kind of disappointed with the progress. I didn't even take pictures! It appears they hung some light fixtures and did some trim work but nothing really new. They still haven't fixed our closet door swing direction. Everyone else's house was locked and our front door and garage were wide open. We were also the only house to not have countertops installed.

Our major disappointment is that they are delaying our settlement by one week until May 29th. This is super frustrating and annoying! We have all of our stuff in storage so now we will most likely have to pay another month. We will also be in my parents' beach house for Memorial Day weekend so that sucks too, being that they will have people coming down. We now have to adjust our work schedules and our "movers." Our PM said the electric company will not be hooking up our houses until the end of this week so that will delay our settlement. He said, "I don't control the power company." Really? Is that supposed to make us feel better? Isn't this supposed to be set up well in advance? I mean the power lines are right in our backyard! I'm not very happy with our PM. He takes a few days or more to get back to emails even though I know he gets them on his phone. I don't think it should ever take more than a day to get back to emails unless you have an emergency... At least that's how I operate.

I guess we will just wait and hear what he says in the next few days. He did say the landscaping and the countertops will be installed this week.  I guess we'll see...

Monday, May 4, 2015

Lots of progress!!!

We stopped by the house on Sunday and were so happy with the progress! We now have cabinets, vanities, tiled showers, some trim, doors, and a driveway. Most things we are extremely happy about but there's a couple of things that we did not like.


Love our White cabinets and the hardware! After snooping in our neighbors houses, we are SO glad we extended the cabinets! 

Upstairs bath vanity. I thought it would be a single vanity but it is slightly larger. We will be painting this white... Well, a friend of ours will.

Not sure if I love this, but every bottom cabinet has a pull out shelf. I think we might have to remove some to store larger items but overall, it's a nice feature. 

This is a pretty bad picture but this is our resilient floor in the bathrooms. It looks so much like tile you literally have to touch it.

If you look really hard, on top of the log is a quail. Brad thought this was a good sign as you don't usually see quail in neighborhoods. Whatever... I'll take it!


This is our "stoop." It pretty much fits one person. Notice our roof overhang? We don't really have one. 

This is our neighbor's stoop. It is at least twice the size, has a roof overhang, and will have a nice light fixture. Why didn't we get this? Apparently, they like to make each house look a little "different." Which means, our house has no roof overhang and barely a stoop. However, the two interior units get shutters and the exterior don't. I don't get it but there's nothing we can do now!

You can see the AC unit from the great room window. I guess because it is an interior unit there is no where else to put itπŸ˜’. 

This seems like is will be a waste of space. I asked our PM to not glue it shut as I'm sure I can store something there. 

Love the cabinets but when we opened them, they are really shallow! We weren't even sure if a plate would fit in there. I plan on bringing a plate with me next time to make sure it fits. Weird right? Im sure a plate will fit, won't it? They are also so tall that we will need to invest in a ladder. 

We had asked that this closet door open out. We figured if you really wanted to use it for storage, the space required for the door to swing would take up a third of the closet. We addressed this with our PM and he said they will fix it.

Overall, I was extremely happy with the progress and the house! Our PM informed us he is having trouble with the power company so we have to move our walk through to the morning before settlement. I guess this is ok? Not sure if they will have time to fix anything. BUT we do stop by rather often so I'll just bring up my concerns as they come. 

Here is the rest of the pictures I took on Sunday:

Neighbor's nice stoops😫

"Measuring" for the fridge. 

Sunday, April 26, 2015

4/26 Update- Finally have a settlement date!

We stopped by the house today with Brad's mom. It was the first time she saw the house and community. A couple new "newsy" things:

- Our walkthough day is May 15th, with settlement on May 22nd! Can't wait! It is Memorial Day weekend and traffic will be crazy but oh well!

-They extended our pool and it will be open Memorial Day weekend.

-Ryan Homes finally built a model home in Frederickburg, MD. I posted pictures on a separate tab. I snapped a few pictures of the progress from last week (not much).

Interior- they painted and mudded the drywall.

                             We have lots of doors and cabinets! Can't wait until they are installed!

Just a sidenote... our SR (Jenny Merrick) is absolutely wonderful! She has helped us through so much and I hope she gets a promotion! I would definitely recommend anyone who is thinking about buying close to the Delaware beaches work with her!